18 tips to stand out in the trade of hairdressing

Stand out in the craft of hairdressing following these tips to meet the needs of your customers in a comprehensive

Anyone can cut the hair, but only good hairdressers achieve the legitimized success by the clients who feel satisfied with the result in their change of appearance. In addition to possessing the necessary knowledge, being a hairdresser involves managing the pressure, entering into social relationships and attending to the psychological aspects involved in the personal image. With the end of helping you achieve it, we prepared 18 tips to stand out in the hairdressing trade . Apply to one of the best, Ogden Skin Care

  1. Own strong foundations

Working on people’s heads implies the permanent risk of disappointing your clients with the final result , since a bad haircut is difficult to fix and you should wait until it grows. But if you know the best techniques and a holistic understanding of what the hairdressing business means , your chances of forming the client are high.

  1. Update knowledge

Continuing education is essential in any field and hairdressing does not escape this rule. Often, customers will want you to make a fashion cut or the fuses of color used by a recognized actress, so it is advisable to take refresher courses on the latest trends to meet the new demands that arise from year to year.

  1. Project a good attitude

The deal with the public implies that your mood should always be balanced. It is important that clients perceive your willingness to understand exactly what they want to do in their heads, as well as your energy to turn the hairdressing experience into a moment of personal care and fulfillment . In every business, it works in the same way: if the client feels comfortable, he will return.

  1. Appeal to flexibility

Hair is important for the personal image but many times clients will have to postpone appointments due to work or family issues that they will prioritize. Manifest your understanding and I offered another possibility to re-standardize . It is preferable to have a little patience to lose the client, since there are many hairdressers that provide excellent services and to maintain competitiveness , you should highlight for your work but also generate a link with customers.

  1. Learn to listen

Many people go to the hairdresser not only to change their hair, but to participate in social gatherings. It is an inherent part of the job although you must be able to concentrate on your work without neglecting what the client is sharing with you . It requires a great ability to fragment the mind in different points of attention, but you must learn it if you want to maintain the clientele.

  1. Understand the power of transformation

Those who attend a hairdressing salon frequently seek to make total changes in aspects such as going from very long hair to short hair, dyeing an extreme color or turning their curls into a limp hair. Deep changes in appearance are often associated with a desire to modify some aspect of life, so your work has psychological implications on self-conception and the perception of the rest . Therefore, you will be a wall of contention for certain clients and in some cases, the key to the attempt of a new life.

  1. Read between the lines

Once the client explained that he wants to be in his head, you will have to know how to use the information taking into account those aspects that he did not mention but are inherent in his request . The knowledge will be your source of permanent consultation to understand all the implications that entails a color, a cut, a hairstyle or a change of texture.

  1. Customize the work

An eccentric haircut may look amazing on a famous singer but it will not always be the same for all clients. It is essential to observe the person’s hair, the shape of the face, their features, the complexion, the physical texture and even the personality to determine if that cut will really make her as happy as she imagines. Your job is to find the unique characteristics of the client to adapt your order to what will suit you.

  1. Act like a sculptor

Being a hairdresser requires the ability to visualize what you want to produce in a shapeless mass . You must be clear about the result before you start working, carefully observing the current shape of the hair to take it to the sculpture you imagine.

  1. Think like a painter

In addition to the basic techniques used by the colorists, it is imperative that you handle the mixtures of colors, the ranges of cold or warm colors, contrasts, shadows and lights , to create a fantastic final effect. You will have to develop the ability to apply ink with a brush that you completely control, setting the direction and achieving smooth transitions between tones.


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